Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI A Zoom In on Our Activities. Covid-19 Update


In these days, the MAInD program is responsibly adopting all the protective measures and precautions against the spread of coronavirus. In fact, what matters the most right now is the safety and health of our staff, students and institute.

Nonetheless, our activities are still continuing and we are doing our best to ensure the smooth continuation of our program and our planned workshops throughout these extremely challenging days. Our team is full-time working remotely from home; our students are still actively taking part in our classes and activities thanks to online teaching formats with Zoom and Slack, which we’ve promptly and efficiently organised with our lectures.

It is indeed a huge challenge. However, we strongly believe that interaction design and our mindset as designers very much allow us to adequately respond with the right creative solutions and technologies to some of the logistic problems that the global coronavirus pandemic is confronting us with.

While, as yet, it is still very difficult to predict when the fast spread of the pandemic worldwide will eventually come to an end, the only possible yet simple measures we can all adopt are by now very clear: social distancing can significantly reduce the rapid spread of the virus. Hence, it lies entirely in our responsibility as human beings at large to adopt governmental guidelines in order to protect the most vulnerable ones in our society.

We hope that this challenging time can also be the opportunity to explore new creative ways of learning and collaborating remotely.

We send you our best wishes of good health and strength.

The MAInD team