Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Maind goes to IXDA Education Summit


We are glad to announce that Maind Master will be at the IXDA Education Summit organized in Lyon on 3rd and 4th February in occasion of the IXDA Interaction Design Week 2018.

Matteo Loglio, interaction designer (, google creative lab) and teacher at Maind Master, will present the results of the course AI Machine Made Interactions, an experimental workshop taught together with Massimo Banzi ( on how to create hardware devices based on ML and AI. The one-week workshop focuses on the creation of cognitive physical artefacts based on AI. The aim is to share the methods used to teach interaction design students the building blocks of design for AI, in particular, in the field of physical computing projects.

The educational format proposes the experimentation on a basic interface component: the switch. The main design framework for helping students to reply to questions such as: what if the switch was intelligent? What if a switch could learn? What if a switch could teach us something? What if a switch doesn’t want to switch anymore? The talk provides a series of insights on how to teach (and how to design) the user experience around physical objects that are able to learn and think.

Matteo loglio and Serena Cangiano, coordinator at the Maind Master program, will present the documentation and the lessons learned during the experimental educational journey.

The talk is part of series of activities dedicated to the topic of interaction design and AI that is the main thread of the 2017/2018 edition. We started with the opening lecture{:target='_blank"} by Massimo Banzi on interaction and AI followed by a course on the design of mobile services based on ML and AI held by the designers of FrogDesign Milan. More activities are scheduled in the next months. To get updates follow Maind’s instagram{:target='_blank'}, twitter{:target='_blank'} and facebook page.