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Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Design for Tech Education seminar and students’ projects exhibition


MAInD master is glad to invite you to the open seminar Design for Tech Education and the exhibition of the master students’ projects developed during the second module Designing Advanced artifacts. The seminar and the exhibition take place on Thursday 25th January 2018 at Campus Trevano SUPSI. Read below the program and the information about the two events.

Design for Tech Education - Open seminar

New technologies are revolutionizing the world of pedagogy as well as the sector of innovation in the field of education. The miniaturization of sensors and actuators and the increase of the cloud computing power allow to experiment with the possibility to develop interactive devices, hardware kits, ludic objects and new kids of interfaces that help kids to learn the basics of electronics, programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, tridimensional design, etc. What are the challenges in projects proposing the use of ludic and hands-on devices to support learning activities? What is the role of design in the novel practices related to the education in the STEAM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)?

The objective of the seminar is to present projects, researches and reflections on the design and development of interactive artifacts supporting STEAM education and the innovation in education.


Interaction design for tech education
Serena Cangiano, researcher Laboratory of visual culture and coordinator MAS in Interaction Design SUPSI,{:target='_blank'}

“Mighty thymio” for teaching robotics and Machine Learning
Alessandro Giusti, researcher IDSIA Institute for Artificial Intelligence,{:target='_blank'}

Teacher training in educational robotics
Lucio Negrini, researcher Department of Education and Learning

Autoplay - An objective and free of context conditioning system for the evaluation of very young children’s ludic development"
Francesca Faraci and Michela Papandrea, researchers DTI

InLife - Incubate a New Learning and Inspiration Framework for Education
Vanessa De Luca, researcher LCV

Shybo. A low-anthropomorphic robot for children
Maria Luce Lupetti, PhD, Polytechnic of Turin

CHIP China Innovation Platform
Marc Laperrouza, prof. EPFL

Airware project
Alessandro Mascheroni, research assistant DTI


Following the seminar, prototypes of tech education projects will be showcased within the exhibition of the master students’ projects issued from the second module of Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design 2017/2018.


The seminar is offered by Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI. The event is public and held in English.


To announce your participation or to receive updates about the event and the follow-ups please join the thematic Telegram group Design&TechEdu SUPSI{:target='_blank'}.

Designing Advanced Artifacts - Exhibition

The exhibition features the results of three workshops:


Thursday 25th January 2018
Open Seminar: 14:00 - 16:30, Exhibition opening: 16:30 - 19:00


Campus Trevano, Building A, Atelier Maind/FabLab, Floor -1 and room A005 (ground floor)