Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Exhibition IxD Fundamentals


Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design is glad to invite you to the first exhibition of the students’ projects issued from the module Interaction Design Fundamentals 2017/2018.

The exhibition will feature the interactive prototypes developed during the introductory workshops on the basics of interaction design, from prototyping physical objects to the design of digital mobile applications.

The exhibition will showcase the analog robots developed during the digital fabrication class dedicated to the prototyping of digitally manufactured objects; the digital clocks programmed during the course about the basics of creative programming held by Andreas Gysin and Matteo Loglio; the mobile apps based on Artificial Intelligence solutions designed during the user experience design class led by the designers of FrogDesign; an interactive installation based on tangible interfaces implemented with the use of Arduino, the open source platform for making physical computing projects.

The exhibition will open at 16:30 with the lecture by Bruno Schillinger, lead product designer at Kano computing - a tech company producing DIY computers and kits dedicated to getting the young, and the young at heart, making, learning and playing with technology.


Exhibition of master’s projects - Module 1


Thursday 16th November 2017, h. 17:30


Atelier Maind/FabLab Building A, level-1 Campus Trevano SUPSI