Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI MAIND Fest


Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI is glad to invite you to the master theses exhibition 2016 on Thursday 28rd July at the hall of Building A, Campus Trevano, h. 17.00. Following the award of the masters diploma, we celebrate the opening of the exhibition of the thesis projects. The evening will continue with the MAIND Fest starting from 19.00 to close the edition 2015/2016 of the master program. For more information, have a look at the Facebook page of the event.

Thesis projects


A service to increase experience with vending machines. Rebecca Guzzo Supervisor: Antonio De Pasquale


A new tool for learning languages. Ramona Banfi Supervisor: Digital Habits


An online platform that is part social, part recording application will enable musicians to meet, write and record music together online. Kim Berry Supervisor: Antonio De Pasquale


COBY is the only advanced service designed for young people to collaborate on group purchases by giving a different approach and perspective to money and sharing. Aris Dotti Supervisor: Federico Lameri


Visualization of public administration data to support communication in municipality fusions. Carola Bartsch Supervisor: Fabio Franchino

Art Cane

A solution for the visually impaired visitors to experience Art in an art Museums. Asanka Withanaarachchi Supervisor: Valeria Donnarumma, Jean Pierre Candeloro


COSMO it’s a game for children that encourages, educates, and make them aware about the importance of taking care of our nature and our environment. Minal Juvekar Supervisor: Vanessa De Luca


An interactive system encouraging deep diaphragmatic breathing to de-stress. Snigdha Nanduri Supervisor: Zoe Romano

ki me

Electrical circuits as building blocks of children’s imagination. Giulia Galli Supervisor: Ubi De Feo


The moody that tells you what it likes. Julien Courbat Supervisor: Simone Rebaudengo


Woo is an advanced service ecosystem designed for Wooden Verona fashion store. Nicolò Calegari Supervisor: Laura Bordin


An initiative for cross cultural integration. Abrar Burk Supervisor: Roberta Tassi

Healthcare Lighting

A solution for senior people to stimulate movement and visual perception, interact with light. Mattia Becatti Supervisor: Digital Habits


Robot kit for Maker Education at the Hospital. Ginevra Rudel Supervisor: Matteo Loglio, Serena Cangiano


A digital storytelling tool for creative coders. Alessandra Angelucci Supervisor: Matteo Loglio

Sharp enough?

Security inside the Kitchen. Patrizia Pfenninger Supervisor: Enrico Bassi


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