Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Grafik16


The exhibition Grafik16 is an opportunity to celebrate the best of Swiss Graphic Design. As a huge display of design projects from all over Switzerland, Grafik16 includes a selection of projects designed and realized by students of Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI.

The projects featured in Grafik16 are:

Generative Mandala by Alessandra Angelucci and Giulia Galli (see catalogue page)
2048+ by Giulia Galli (see catalogue page)
Furr-e by Abrar Burk, Nicolò Calegari, Julien Courbat (see catalogue page)
ToastMe by Ramona Banfi (see catalogue page)
Blind&Seek by Mattia Becatti, Snighda Nanduri, Withansarachchi (see catalogue page)


March, 18-20 2016
11.00 – 20.00


Maag Halle
Hardstrasse 219, 8005 Zürich