Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Maind Alumna, Soraia Binzagr, Keynote Speaker At Lift India 2015


Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design SUPSI is happy to announce that Soraia Binzagr has been invited as keynote speaker to Lift India 2015, the Indian edition of Lift conference, the organization that, since 2006, explores the business and social implications of technological innovation through the organization of international event series and open innovation programs in Europe, Asia and America.

"émoi” is both a service and data representation interface. In utilising today’s digital systems (ie. e-commerce, ubiquitous computing, sentiment analysis algorithms), émoi attempts to create an edible gustatory and oral somatosensory representation of the user’s emotion that can support and enrich the already existent interpersonal communication that is carried out through the sharing and exchanging of chocolates as gifts. Such chocolate-sharing scenarios include, but are not limited to, special occasions, holidays and celebrations, expressions of affection, greetings, or condolences. émoi also attempts to explore new and unusual scenarios that emerge as a result within this context. émoi’s emotion representation language is based on psychological research into the human gustatory and oral somatosensory experience. As a result it attempts to communicate user sentiment using appropriately defined qualities of taste, texture, shape and colour through chocolate.

At Lift India, Soraia will join the morning Open Stage Session: The Naked Truth about Data. The session addresses the storage and use of (big) data has passed a tipping point and starts to show its benefits to human kind but also its limits. In the afternoon session, she will give a workshop related to her thesis projects that she currently transforming in a real business start-up adventure.

More information about Lift India Program is published here.

Information about Soraia’s thesis and business project is published here.