Master of Arts
in Interaction Design

Master in Interaction Design SUPSI Toot wins the IXD Award


We are happy to announce that toot by Federico Lameri won the Interaction Design Awards 2015 (Best in Category Expressing). The category Expressing includes innovative projects “that enable people’s self expression and/or creativity” submitted by Art Center College of Design (USA), Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (DK), Stanford University (USA), Thirteen23 (USA).

“We award toot because the design of the interface is very simple and allow kids to use the universal language of music easily… It is educative, enjoyable, engaging and funny”.(Jury IXD Awards 2015)"

Toot is an interactive and sound-active toy designed for children aged between three and six years old that wants to develop children’s auditory skills, music attitude and language skills. Toot is composed by eight little cubical speaker boxes. On each speaker children are able to record a sound. They can record their own voices or normal sounds coming from the environment around them. In order to listen back to the recorded sound the speaker must be shaken as if the sound was physically trapped into a box. This interaction is very connected to the physical aspect of the toy, in fact children have to shake the box as if they would have to listen the sound of something inside the box. After having recorded sounds on them, the speakers can be placed in a sequence after Mr. Toot, and by tapping on his head it is possible to trigger the playback of the speakers in a sequence. The speakers and Mr. Toot snap magnetically together in order to help children to place them in the correct position.