With the rise of the internet and new technologies, many concert goers seek out new experiences. They look for experiences that bring them closer to the performer, closer to others in the audience and something new that they’re never seen or felt before. Light Echo is a performance experience that allows the audience to be a part of the performance in a special way.

User Experience

The performing artist Rykka performs songs from her new concept record that focuses on the relationship between humans and Earth from a future where we are no longer able to live in our home so must move to other planets. Before the last song of the performance, the artist hands out headlamps for some audience members to wear. The light is focused very sharply, and the audience member is able to show the other members their point of view, what they see, since their view is guided with a lamp. Once the headlamps are dispersed and being worn, the artist reveals a cape, puts it on and explains that it is light reactive. It will react to the light. After stating this, the lights are turned off, and the audience members hold the only light. Rykka begins to sing her song, “Life on Mars,” and the audience is able to shine light.

Interface and Interaction Modalities

As the audience shines light on the performers cape, sensors in the cape react and light red neopixels that were otherwise unseen prior. On a secondary level, there are mirrors on the outside of the cape which the audience can play with. These both depend on the movement of the audience and performer, and together they create the environment in the room. This is experience is meant to be magical, uplifting and heartwarming. It is meant to create a bubble where the audience and performer create the performance space together.