Beehive is a modular and portable safety system that detects dangerous situations in domestic environments by providing acoustic and visual alerts to house inhabitants and their social circles.

Interface and interaction modality

People can customise the physical components, the functions and the shape of Beehive depending on needs such as detecting gas leaking and floods, monitoring air quality, detecting, watching the house remotely. Technology

The sensing technology of Beehive is based on an Arduino Uno connected to: a dock station featured by a LCD display for the alarms visualization; interchangeable sensors (air quality, temperature, umidity etc.) embedded in the sensor-module. User experience

The wireless sensor-module of Beehive can be placed in different environments, and, depending on the danger level, it communicates with the dock station that provides acoustic alarms and light signals or that sends sms to the neighbors or tweets on social networks. Research and development contexts

The research context of the project regards the development of open source solutions for home automation and security systems and the exploration of the new opportunities opened up by DIY and digital fabrication approaches to design.